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crotchetygamers's Journal

Crotchety Old Gamers' Support Group
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The Crotchety Old Gamers' Support Group is designed to allow Crotchety Old Gamers to meet and organize online games without the bother of dealing with 16-year old punks (or 27-year old punks, for that matter) often found inhabiting chat rooms.

"Crotchetyness" and "oldness" are frames of mind. There is no age limit required to join the community. You just need to enjoy playing online games for fun, rather than for the chance to make others feel badly about themselves (and then to shout "ur a f4gg07!" at them afterwards).

If you're prone to using 1337-speak and/or SMS shortforms and/or AOLisms, you're probably not Old enough to be here. If seeing them doesn't give you a coniption fit, you're probably not Crotchety enough, but we'll let you join anyway.

Posts needn't be limited to arranging games - feel free to make posts about games you like (or those you don't), or whatever, so long as it's vaguely related to online gaming.

Community Guidelines
  • When you join the community, make a post to say hello, and give a list of which games you enjoy playing and your ability in them (novice, experienced, godlike, etc.). If the community gets really huge, I'll probably change this so things don't get spammy, but for now it'll be a good way to find other people who want to play the same games as you.
  • Treat other members with respect. The community is for people who want to play games with other like-minded individuals, not to provide another forum for bickering and insults.

All posts should also follow the LiveJournal Terms of Service. The moderator reserves the right to delete any posts deemed inappropriate.